About Us

Who is “Simply Green Solutions” ?

We’re a group of seasoned professionals from fields such as design, advertising, international business, and more, with a common social commitment to do business that results in more than just profit. Every eco-friendly solution we create helps bring about positive changes in the lives of companies, big and small, communities and individuals everywhere – not to mention the planet we live on, and the families we go home to each day.

With a proven track-record of assisting large companies and civil offices, Simply Green Solutions knows that the more companies we can help to reuse and reduce, that means the more of their customers and employees do as well. Not only does this provide a statement of personal drive to deliver proper solutions for our clients, but it fulfills a different type of experience for us, which is: doing the right thing. Whether its the environment or its a client-partner, fundraiser, the vendors, staff and owners of Simply Green Solutions work each day with a conscientious integrity to ensure product satisfaction. As a result, we continue to grow at a healthy pace, through positive endorsements from existing clients.

A good choice and the right mindset – That’s what this is all about. Effective change towards a better habit and a cleaner world begins with a reusable routine for individuals and businesses alike. Doing the right thing is a simply green solution.

What is “Simply Green Solutions”

Since 2006, Simply Green Solutions has aspired to become the one stop shop for eco-friendly products that can be sold blank, custom printed or custom fabricated to meet the needs of your business, fundraiser, promotional or retail needs.

We offer BPA-free Reusable stainless-steel canteens, glass-ware, ceramic drink-ware, lanyards, apparel, plus bags with a wide array of fabric options:

Plus oodles of styles, colors, sizes and will customize to the ends of the Earth to help you and your community – something that means a lot to us.