Artwork Guidelines & Printing Processes

Artwork Guidelines

When submitting your company/organization artwork we ask that you send us Vector based file formats. At Simply+Green Solutions, we work exclusively with Adobe Creative Suite. All vector files we use are created in Adobe Illustrator, if you have ever had your logo printed (ie - business cards, letterhead, t-shirts), this artwork was likely Vector based. When selecting print ready artwork, the file suffixes should consist of either .ai (adobe illustrator), .eps (encapsulated post-script), or .pdf (portable document format).

High resolution .jpg's can also be used but they must be 300dpi (dots per inch) or higher with no gradients of shadows. If the artwork is deemed unprintable, we offer design services starting at $55/hr to recreate your artwork in a printable format. If you have any questions please feel free to contact you account manager.


We work exclusively in Pantone® Solid Coated and UnCoated to for color reference. You have hundreds of choices in color and we can match any pantone color your company has or follows for corporate guidelines. In order to accurately print color we refer to a physical Pantone® Solid Coated Formula Guide to correctly view the Pantone colors. Your computer monitor will not accurately represent the actual Pantone® color along with artwork shown.


Printing Processes

  • CMYK Thermal Imprinting : This process is used for complex designs, photo realisitc images, or images that contain gradients. With this process a thermal transfer is printed out of a ink jet printer and is then applied to your product. This process is similar to applying iron on designs to apparel. *For more information on our CMYK Thermal Imprinting process please follow this link.
  • CMYK Lamination : This process is our most complex yet dazzling print process. With this process we laminate your product with your design. This process is extremely durable and can only be done in large runs (3,000 - 5,000) unit minimums. When finished your product will have a matte or shiny finish that is actually a second layer on the face of your product. *For more information on our CMYK Lamination process please follow this link.
  • Laser Engraving / Etching : This process is only available on select drink-wares. Please inquire with your account managers about pricing and production lead times.

Font and Stroke Guidelines

Font styles and Font sizes: The Minimum required text size is different for every font. The Minimum recommended size for the font below is marked with a *

Download Guideline Template

Stroke weights: While the minimum stroke weight to print clearly is 0.5 points, continuous lines should be a minimum 1.25 points thick to avoid a sawtooth look.