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Large and Small Businesses Alike, SGS is here for you!

When shopping for reusable bags, reusable drink-ware, promotional apparel, or other promotional products the process can be daunting and confusing. Here at Simply+Green Solutions we like to break the process down and simplify things for you.

Based upon your needs we have organized our services so that you can find exactly which one of our services will serve you best.

In most cases orders the simplest way to figure out which services fit you best is by how soon you need your products in hand.


Time Sensitive Orders (needed within 1-30 days)

  • STOCKED IN THE USA SERVICE - Some of our products are stocked here in the United States of America and can be shipped out blank the next business day or custom printed and shipped out in 1-2 weeks. This process is the most commonly used service and has been proven to be the quickest, easiest, and most efficient process. Please note that we ship out of Southern California and shipping timelines are determined by your distance from our location and what speed delivery you select.

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE "WHITE GLOVE "SERVICE -  Since we are a product manufacturer we also manufacture products from scratch. These products are hand made and can be made to any specification you provide. We have standard sizes that we feel are the most popular sizes and we do suggest to start with a standard size and then add, subtract, or manipulate from there. Our "White Glove" service will get you your finished products in 30 days from sample approval.


Non-Time Sensitive Orders (no specific deadline or more than 60 days)

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE STANDARD PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY SERVICE - This service is perfect for our customers that are looking to create a product that is really suited to fit their individual needs. We currently only offer this process on some of our products but I am sure you will pleased to see that all of our bags are listed as fully customizable. This process usually takes 6-9 weeks from sample approval and your account manager will guide you along the process and provide you with updates when necessary.
  • CAN'T FIND IT? "WE'LL FIND IT FOR YOU" SERVICE - This service is a service that not many other companies provide. We have a great sourcing manager that is willing to search high and low for a product that will meet your needs. This processes timeline can range anywhere from 6-9 weeks to 3-6 months. Do no be discouraged though we will try our hardest to help you through this process and ensure that you get the product that you want.
    • Contact Us Directly (please provide as much info as possible; images, dimensions, materials, & quantity)