Customization Options

When selecting our "Fully Customizable" products your customization options are limitless. Since we are the manufacturers of these products we can dictate all elements of this product while minimizing the cost to you.

Customizable Features

  • Panel Fabric Color
    • Mix and match any combination of fabric colors to construct the bag. An example of this is: The front and back faces of the bag can be #08 Royal Blue and the left and right gussets of the bag can be #11 Yellow.
  • Handle Fabric Color
    • Mix and match any combination of fabric colors for the handles of the bag. An example of this is: One handle can be #18 Shamrock Green and the opposite handle can be #07 Tangerine.
  • Handle Length
    • To meet the needs of your bags design we allow you to select the length of the handles. Some people prefer 15" handles that are meant to be held in your hand and some people prefer 21" handles which are meant to be slung over your shoulder. We can even attached more than 1 set of handles to your bag. We have put 2 sets of handles on a bag to provide the user of the bag the option of using 15" handles (hand) or 21" handles (shoulder).
  • Piping Fabric Color
    • To create some contrast and a dynamic look you can select the fabric color used on the piping. Clients in the past have used this as a more subtle way of incorporating 2 colors into the bags construction. An example of this is you and use #19 White Piping on a #23 Blue Bag with Red print to execute a patriotic theme while still only using 1 color of print.
  • Zipper Color
    • Not all bags offer the use of a zipper closure but please note you can add a zipper closure to any bag you would like. You can also select the color of the zipper that will be used as well. Most commonly clients tend to pair the zipper color with the fabric color of the bag so that the zipper doesn't stand out too much. But if high contrast is what you are looking for you can select a contrasting color for your zipper.
  • Button Color
    • Similar to the Zipper color not all bags offer the use of a button but you can add a button to any bag you would like. Like the zipper most buttons will automatically match the fabric color but you can also select a contrasting button color if wanted.
  • Stitching Color
    • This is the most subtle of customizations but in some cases it can give you bag the unique look you have been searching for. An example of a successful execution of this customization was used on a #15 Navy Blue bag with light brown stitching. This combination was for a denim manufacturer and the desired effect was to have the bag mimic the aesthetic of blue jeans.
  • Plastic and Cardboard Inserts
    • These inserts add rigidity and structure to some bags. Most reinforced bags come with a insert but you can add it to any bag that you feel needs a little extra structure. Please note that this does add weight to your products so your shipping price will also increase.
  • Fold-ability
    • We have limited styles of fold-able bags available for purchase but if you would like to turn a non-fold-able bag into a fold-able bag we can customize that for you. An example of that would be our Fold-able Wine Totes. We custom designed that model for a customer and the design became so popular that we decided to make it a standard design.
  • Fabric Inserts / Separators
    • These fabric inserts and separators are found most commonly in our wine totes and lunch totes. These inserts give you the ability to securely hold items inside of the bag or partition the bag to hold different types of items.

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